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You can contact one of our admins on Whatsapp, and they will assist you with a step by step signup guide for XM Global. If you have an existing XM Global account, you can still join our free premium signals service.

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In order to join our Forex Signals Tier 2 level, you can simply go to the Forex Signals product page, swipe right on the Tier 1 card or click "Signup Now" on the Tier 2 card

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Our new SMC Mentorship service is the perfect opportunity for traders who are looking to learn how to trade and become independent in the trading industry.

Our SMC Mentorship service is R2000 once off for lifetime and upon successful payment, you will be added to the Private Discord server, WhatsApp and Telegram groups. There are also a great many benefits to joining this service, such as our in-depth SMC course which covers and teaches the exact same models and concepts used by our traders for their own personal trading and for our signal groups, you also gain access to mentor support, recorded sessions, live streams, additional resources and support staff.

The SMC Course covers the following and more:

1. Introduction to Forex
2. Terminology
3. Structure
4. Supply & Demand/Orderblocks
5. Imbalance/FVGs
6. Liquidity
7. Timeframes
8. Entry Models/Inducements
9. Pscyhology
10. Putting everything together
and much more…

This course can be accessed through the private Telegram group, as well as all the past recorded videos of already-hosted live educational sessions, these sessions range from 30-90 min. You can study the course and the recorded sessions at your own pace and can ask questions from the mentor at any given point on your preferred platform. All live educational sessions will be hosted in our Private Discord Server, as well as sharing of analysis, outlooks, examples, etc - please note that there is no signals provided for this service. There is also more benefits to joining our community here at Phase Three Trading, such as educational content, helpful support staff and more. We hope that you consider joining our community.

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Whilst we develop our automated 'order system', we currenlty finalise the setup process on Whatsapp. All our checkout pages include a simple "Finish Payment" button. Please click the button where you'll be redirected to a chat with one of our admins and they will assist you with getting setup and added to the Telegram and Whatsapp groups, or provide you with the relevant resources.

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We structure all our signals in a simple, easy to understand format (As seen below), where traders can effortlessly read the necessary information and not be bogged down in confusion.

This is an example of how we strucure all our signals:

Buy Limit GBPUSD @1.23350

SL - 1.23150 (20 Pips)

TP - 1.23550 (20 Pips)
TP - 1.23850 (50 Pips)
TP - 1.24250 (90 Pips)
TP - 1.24550 (120 Pips)

RR - 1:6

Our signal providers are constantly monitoring the charts and any active trades for further developments, all trades are updated completely until their final update, including take profits, stop losses, taking partials, securing trades, etc.

All of our traders are smart money traders, and have years of experience in Smart Money Concepts (SMC). We strive in ensuring we offer the highest quality and most profitable service to our members.

This is the prospective reward you can achieve depending on the initial investment - this means that you are risking x and in return, you will potentially make x. We ensure all our signals are sent out with a Risk to Reward of more than 1:5. Should trades provide a good opportunity, but do not fall within our minimum Risk to Reward threshold, then it may be sent as a trade idea.

We strongly believe in education, and that is why Phase Three Trading is so dedicated to providing high-quality, accurate and free or affordable information. We specialise in providing educational PDFs/information based off of our advice and experience in the trading industry. The information provided in this supplied information is not financial advice but instead, is purely our opinion on certain areas trading-related. We provide an array of free and paid educational resources, such as our Trading Basics PDF, Tips For Trading PDF, How To Trade News PDF, FVG Pattern PDF, Smart Money Concepts course and Introduction To Trading For Beginners course, with more to come. Our support staff are on hand during varied times to also assist and guide new or existing traders in areas where they may be struggling. We're happy to help and we promote a beginner-friendly environment throughout our community. We hope you can find a comfortable and welcoming home here at Phase Three Trading.

We aim to provide anywhere from 5 to 15 signals weekly, we believe in and maintain a quality over quanity core drive. All our signals are sent with their risk factor, entries, stop losses, take profits and risk to reward. Throughout the week we'll also provide promising trade ideas which you're at liberty to take at your own discretion. We also frequently host live trading sessions in our Private Discord Server where our traders will provide trade opportunities throughout the session.

Our traders always include a mindful stop loss throughout our trades, as we do our best to protect small accounts from blowing. Certain signals may be sent which are exclusive to big accounts or some signals may be paired with bigger stop losses for larger sized accounts. For currencies, it's extremely rare that our stop losses are bigger than 20 pips. For indices, our stop losses range from 100 to 300 pips. Therefore this is a great opportunity for traders to maximise their profits through low risk.

We are currently developing a dedicated 'results' page on our website where visitors can browse our month to month performance, win rate and more. For the time being, all our results are available directly on our Instagram page, in the story highlights section. Our 'performance summaries' available in the "summaries" highlight, provides key insight into the trades sent on a monthly basis in our premium signals service. There are other results which you can browse, such as profits, testimonies, reviews, results from news events, analysis' and more.

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We provide a few free educational documents, such as our 'Tips For Trading', 'Trading Basics' and 'FVG Pattern' documents. You can simply head to our Education page, select the desired document you wish to receive and click "Download Now". You will be redirected to a chat with one of our admins who will provide you with the relevant requested documents. Once our new 'order system' is setup, you will be able to access these documents directly from our website for your convenience.

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